Why doesn't your website have hundreds of bands to choose from?
Because every band available on our website is made up of the same selection of musicians (or as we call it our Cue Family). We don’t showcase or promote any bands not run by one of the Cue Directors, James & Tom. Don’t forget though every act is fully customisable so it really is like you have hundreds of bands to choose from!

Cue music? Is it a band or agent?
Cue Music is a unique approach to booking live entertainment... We are family of handpicked world-class entertainers are available in any act imaginable fully customisable to suit every budget. When booking any of our Cue Music band you will be dealing direct with the musicians that are likely to be on your gig so this way you won't find yourself paying agency fees on top of band fees!

I’m torn between two bands for my event, is there anyway I can pick my favourite bits from each?
Yes of course, we pride ourselves on being some of the most versatile musicians/bands available! So that said just tell us your vision and we will find a way to make it work! Even if your vision happens to be a jazz trio featuring nose flute, DJ and double bass!

Will you travel?
Yes of course! Quite often we can be found at Leeds/Bradford airport heading out to all sorts of exotic (and some not so exotic!) countries for performances... We can also often be found leading the on flight sing-a-long!

Do you do requests?
We always endeavour to keep our clients as happy as can be so if theres anything specific you’d like to hear at your event then just give us a heads up and we will do our very best to make it happen! If you know in advance of any requests then feel free to mention them to James or Tom when booking but if it gets to the night and you just really want to hear some Take That for example, providing someone in the band has a vague idea how it goes we will fit it in somewhere!

Do I have to pay right away?
Nope! We only ask for a 20% deposit to hold your selected musicians on your selected date and the rest can be dealt with up to a week before your event!

What sort of equipment do you use?
We only use the best, industry leading equipment available. The majority of Cue musicians are endorsed by industry leading specialists. This means the companies themselves are supporting the fact that our musicians as some of the best in the world playing their equipment!

Do I need to sign a contract?
Yes, we have put together a little document that protects both parties. It makes sure you as a client wont be paying for a service and not receiving it, it also means that us as artists will have everything we need at your event to make sure everything runs smoothly!

Just get in touch with any other questions you may have!